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Ebook Now Available! “How to Become a Millionaire Using Group Homes” will give you the outline you need to scale your group home business, or any business to build wealth.
In 2017, my partner and I took $12,500 and turned it into an empire. We started with 1 house and turned it into 11 locations plus an entire city block. We literally turned a single family home into money to fund generational wealth. How did we do it? A sit down with us could change your life.


Myrrie Hayes is a wife, mother, grandmother, and owner of a multimillion dollar Empire, which started as a behavioral residential organization. In 2016, she found a need in the behavioral industry for quality care for the severely mentally ill (SMI) population in Arizona. After extensive research, a $12,500 investment, and a year-long process; it was a dream turned into reality. Within the first year, Myrrie realized the need was so great that this venture was totally scalable. In less than 3 years she grew from 1 location to 10 and acquired a city block in a rural area to not only bring much needed services there, but also to begin to scale in a major way.

Myrrie Hayes is a serial Entrepreneur. Her Empire now consists of a consulting agency, a staffing agency, a training academy, and a 501c3 nonprofit business. She is also involved in a Turo business, a tax service business, a financial service business, and she is an avid investor. Since the start in 2017, through a global pandemic, her main company has grown and continues to grow. Many clients have been coached, she has experienced multimillion-dollar growth, and Myrrie has changed her family tree and the people around her. She is excited for the future and the opportunity to show you how to duplicate what she has accomplished!

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